Astrith's Animal Care SERVICES

Setting up new service is simple. We will first set up a time for your free consultation. At this time you and your pets will get a chance to meet us. We will get detailed information on your pet care needs. We will complete a contract, We'll pick up TWO sets of keys and payment for my services.

Keys: All keys are kept in office lock box and are not identified by your name or residence. This is a great way to make booking future services quick and easy.

Astrith's Animal Care Offers:

  • Mid-day potty breaks, which are great for your elderly dog or new puppy at home.
  • Vacation visits: As many visits as you'd like per day.
  • Daily dog walking: (Monday-Friday) Great for those working long hours, or when you might not feel like or have the time to take your dog for a much needed walk. We also offer a frequent walk card. Just pre-pay a month in advance and receive 10% off!

Services offered while caring for your pets Include:

  • Fresh food and water
  • Petting and playtime
  • Litter box and accident clean-up
  • Administer medication, Vitamins etc.
  • Transportation to vet in case of an emergency
  • Water indoor plants
  • Alternate lights
  • Open/close curtains
  • Put out trash for pick up
  • Vacation and daily dog walking
Pet Sitting Visits
30 minutes each
$18.00 per visit*
Mid-day Potty Breaks
15 minutes each
$10.00 per visit*
Daily Dog Walking
per visit*
30 minutes - $18.00
45 minutes - $25.00
60 minutes - $30.00
Transportation (grooming, vet, etc.)
$0.50/mile plus time

Overnight Stays 8:00pm-7:00am
Day Visit and Overnight Stay 24 hours

We're happy to make any arrangments needed to accommodate you and your pet.

$45.00 per night
$80.00 per 24 hours

Personal Assistance Services

Prices vary. Talk to your sitter
We check messages several times daily and we provide timely responses! Please feel free to contact us via Email, Phone Call, or Text Message.

Many pets prefer to have another warm body in the house at night, and many clients feel more secure with the additional level of security that an overnight stay provides.
 *If additional visits are needed during the day the regular per visit rate applies.

*Depending on your exact location and pet care needs.
We provide 1-3 visits per day. Daily notes of pets activities are left at the end of each visit.

Cat Visits: Cats are to remain indoors only during time of pet sitting services.

Hourly rates are also available.

Cancellation Policy: Dog Walks & Vacation Pet Care
All monies paid to Astrith's Animal Care for dog walks not rendered will be returned, or credited back to client if cancellation 12 hours or more prior to the expected visit is received. If such short notice is not received, client agrees to pay for walks, that were to be made within that 12 hour period.

One weeks notice is due on all vacation care. If such short notice is not received a $15.00 cancellation fee will be charged.

We ask for a $50.00 deposit at the time of the interview, which will be applied to your first bill. In the event that you do not use our services, you will be refunded 50% of your deposit.

There will be an additional $5.00 charge per visit for the following holidays:

• New Years Day
• Independence Day
• Christmas Eve • Christmas Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Easter Sunday

On Holidays or during Holiday seasons visits may be shorter in duration, but will be of sufficient length to provide pet with proper care.

Service Area:

We provide pet care services to the greater Milwaukee area including Brookfield,Elm Grove,Menomonee Falls,Mequon,Milwaukee,New Berlin,Shorewood, Wauwatosa, Waukesha, White Fish Bay and virtually any area within 15 miles of the greater Milwaukee metro area.

Please be aware that if gas prices exceed $4.00, you may be subject to a fuel surcharge.

Refer a friend and receive a discount. Also, please contact us for other way on how to receive more discount!